Insomnia Cure: 10 Simple Sleep Remedies

Lately, sleeping has become a very common problem among people all around the world. Stress, pollution and food cause things such as lack of sleep, difficulty in sleeping or insomnia. There are some things you can do or avoid in order to have a better sleep and be more relaxed.

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Do some physical exercises

Many people believe that doing sport in the evening causes sleeping problems. False. In fact, it actually helps you sleep better and ensures the necessary energy for the following day.

Avoid the afternoon coffee

Drinking coffee in the afternoon is a very bad habit as the caffeine deposited in your system is not flushed by the time you go bed. According to the statistics, 25% of the caffeine remains in your body until the next morning, even if the major part is eliminated after 7 hours. Therefore, try not to consume coffee too late in the afternoon if you want to have a silent night.


Meditation helps you relax both your mind and body. When you have a clear mind and a pressure-free body, your sleep will be relaxing as well.

Treat sleep like a necessity

The less you sleep, the less energy and good mood you will have the next day. At the same time, the lack of sleep can imply more serious stuff, such as stress, depression, blood pressure or weight gain.

Smell the roses

There are plants that can relax you by simply smelling them. One of them is rose. You can also inhale the vapors resulting from a bath in which you have poured some aromatherapy oils. You can opt for lavender, frankincense or myrrh.

Keep your phone out of sight while sleeping

The waves released by the electronic devices – phone, laptop, iPad – can be quite dangerous for your health as they negatively influence the melatonin production, the hormone that ensures a relaxing and silent sleep.

Avoid alcohol

Because alcohol is a diuretic, your sleep can be seriously interrupted by the need of going to the bathroom. It can also have a negative impact over your REM, the stage of sleep that makes sure you benefit of rest during the night.

Do some yoga

Yoga is a very good way of calming your thoughts and relaxing your senses. When this happens, your sleep is more relaxing and deeper.

Have some rest back at home

From time to time, when you feel stresses and tired, a very good way of relaxing is to leave aside all your problems and stay in a silent room for several minutes, drinking chamomile tea or having a relaxing bath. The results are marvelous!

Have some intimacy before sleep

It is well known that sex makes men fall asleep faster. This happens because of the prolactin release, the hormone produced during sleep. Similarly, women produce oxytocin, hormone that helps them sleep as well. In other words, do not say it twice! Just do it!


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