Amazing Homemade Cough Syrup EVER

Bronchitis, cough and sore throat are health problems that create a very strong sensation of discomfort and fatigue. The best solution to treat them is this amazing homemade remedy based on natural ingredients.

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Honey – calms and cures the irritated membranes, curing the cough.

Pepper – flushes the chest mucous and embitters the congestion, reducing the coughs.

Ginger – is a spicy ingredient that manages to eliminate the mucous and clearing your lungs.

Thyme – fights against microbes and calms the irritated membranes while opening the airways.


In a bowl, put 8 tbsp of honey, 1.5 tbsp of each ginger, thyme and pepper and 3 tbsp of warm water. Mix these elements well and conserve it in a jar somewhere cold. Consume 3-4 tbsp of this natural remedy on a daily basis, every time you need, in order to treat the sore throat and cough.


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