Get Rid Of Plaque Naturally

The teeth are a very precious organ for us because they make us have a beautiful smile and be more confident. When plaque and tartar take control over your teeth, the possibility of falling is very high. In order to prevent this, the best solution would be to pay a visit to your dentist. However, we recommend you to firstly chose one of these natural remedies that will certainly help you combat the plaque.

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Lime blossom and sunflower seed

In a bowl filled with 1 l of water, add 4 tablespoons of sunflower seed and 4 tablespoons of lime blossom.

Walnut shell

Put some water in a bowl and add 200 gr of walnut shell and let it boil for about 15 minutes. Let it cool a little bit, then introduce your toothbrush in this composition, for 5 minutes, then wash your teeth as usual, following these steps three times per day.

Apple cider vinegar

Wash your teeth with apple cider vinegar by using your brush, then rinse the solution with mouth water. Be careful though, not to use this remedy, but once per week, as you may damage your enamel.


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