How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

It can go to the extent to which the pain and discomfort provoked can ruin a beautiful day. However, you can prevent this from happening and you can treat this disease by taking into account these suggestions.

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Stay fit

Physical exercises stimulate your blood circulation and determine the stones to move out of your system faster. The best exercises that serve this purpose are abdominal and lower back ones.

Ensure the necessary amount of vitamins

Vitamin A, which can be taken from foods like carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes or broccoli, has a very strong impact over your kidneys. Make sure though, that you don’t exaggerate, as it can be dangerous.

Vitamin C, on the other hand, should be consumed less. Foods and drinks such as sardines, sodas, coffee, artificial sweetener or junk food, which are rich in oxalate, can actually stimulate kidney stone formation. In other words, try to stay away from these ingredients as much as possible.

Eat healthy foods

Consume foods rich in fibers – spinach, kale or romaine lettuce. They can clean your kidneys without doubt.

Include in your eating plan rice, nuts, yogurt or spinach. They are rich sources of magnesium, which nourishes your kidneys while they ‘host’ the stones. Alternatively, you can also take250-350 mg of magnesium supplements.

Try to stay away from foods rich in sugar, such as fruits as the stones are the result of sugar deposit. Instead, enjoy more vegetables.

Follow these natural remedies

Drink a mixture of olive oil and fresh lemon juice on a regular basis. We recommend you to drink it before bed in order to allow the nutrients action.

Consume berries or Juniper. They improve the blood flow, helping it flush out all the harmful toxins and the stones as well;

Nettle tea can help your kidneys to be healthy again. All you have to do is prepare some tea and drink it on a daily basis.

If you are pregnantdrink water

Water is a very beneficial ingredient as it hydrates and detoxes your system. Therefore, by drinking as much water as possible you can determine the stones to get out of your kidneys. In addition, you should avoid doing physical effort, relax and let the water do the work for you. Instead, you can also opt for a surgery, which implies breaking the stones with the ultrasound technique.

Remove the stones with a surgery

If you want a specialist to help you get rid of kidney stones, you should know that you can opt for a surgery. This intervention is based on the removal of stones through a hollow tube that is introduces in your back.


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