How to Remove 25 Pounds of Toxic Fat from Your Colon

The food influences our system in a very strong way, including different diseases and weight loss or gain. The best option you have is to balance your diet and eat as healthy as you can. Include in your diet beans, fruits, nuts, vegetables and replace processed foods with whole ones. In addition, drink a lot of water in order to hydrate your body, do some physical exercises and try not to be stressed.

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However, for faster results, you should think about following a detox plan. One of the best ways of cleaning your system and losing some weight is a colon cleanse.

The colon is the organ that ensures the absorption of nutrients from foods and drinks. When it is sick or constipated, it can no longer function properly and nourish your body properly.

Try to cleanse your colon by following one of these natural remedies and lose some weight at the same time:

Cayenne pepper

You can either use it to cook your favorite meals or you can add some pepper into the water you drink.

Cayenne pepper stimulates blood flow and improves digestion. Also, it acts like a heater ensuring that the harmful toxins are eliminated from your system. As a consequence, it prevents heart or artery problems.

Fennel seed

Fennel seeds contain high levels of fiber, which contribute to the removal of all the waste from your colon. They have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the gas and improving the breathing process.


Ginger is an excellent factor that helps your colon and body alike to get rid of toxins and waste. In this way, it improves the digestion and the blood flow, stimulating the body to sweat in order to eliminate the toxins. Ginger root is rich in shoga and gingerol, two substances that treat inflammations and calm the large intestine. You can opt for organic ginger root or you can simply prepare some tea.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is considered a nourishing laxative which, unlike other laxatives found on the market, does not cause dependence and nourishes the colon with the substances needed to eliminate the waste. Due to the jelly composition, Aloe Vera is somehow a conductor, allowing the waste and toxins to be excreted faster and easier and healing the intestine for a better development of the process.

All in all, if you combine these four ingredients, you will manage to cleanse your colon in a short period of time. The shorter the time, the faster you can lose weight. A fully detoxed colon stimulates your body to eliminate 20 pounds of harmful fats.


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