1 Secret Weird Juice that KILLS Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the most common diseases of modern times. People spend a little fortune on all sorts of medication, which sometimes are quite dangerous for the overall health. Natural medicine, however, offers us the possibility to treat this problem with a homemade remedy based on Beetroot.

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Late research has proven that beetroot is very efficient in removing blood pressure, thanks to its nutritive components: potassium, fiber, iron, vitamin C, magnesium, folate and most important nitrates. Nitrates help dilate the blood vessels, stimulating the blood flow and let your body absorb them fast, in order to lower your blood pressure. Another important benefit of beetroot juice is the fact that it flushed the harmful toxins from your body, stimulating digestion.

Juice receipt 1:

4 stalks of celery;

2 carrots

1 beetroot

A pinch of ginger

1 pear

Juice receipt 2:

2 peeled oranges;

1 beetroot

¼ of a lemon

2 apples

¼ of a lime


Mix all the ingredients of the receipt you choose and drink the juice! Enjoy!


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